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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last week, from May 15 - May 20, the Tokyo Nippon Tougei Club had their major show in the Mitsukoshi Nihonbashi store.
This was their 40st anniversity charity event for all kind of good causes in and outside Japan to help needy people.

Two pieces of mine were accepted and sold right away the first day!

A "Horsehair" Vase and
a "Feather, Horsehair" Vase.
(Click on the picture for enlargement).

Nine "Ningen Kokuho", Living National Treasures, like Shimaoka Tatsuo were asked to participate: a beautiful Sake set with his rope impressed design.

And special Japanese Award winner, Imaizumi Imaemon.
A beautiful decorated porcelain vase.

Some other work:

Some plates with a gold leaf flower design.

A beautiful little Chalice.


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