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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The covers of sewers or drains in the streets of Japan can have some very special designs. Very original.
This one is in our street. This is near the beach. Clearly visible in the design.

This is the tower of Kamakura station.

Mashiko lillies.

Banner standards for the Mashiko fire department.

Himeji has still the original castle from the 16th century which was not bombed or didn't burn down. A lot of the castles are renovated and built again with concrete walls, like the Osaka and Odawara castle.
The castle is completely white and hence looks like a white egret.

Again the white egret from Himeji.

2 Street covers from Yosokusa and Machiko. Obviously, the covers hide a waterpipe for the fire engine.

Yokosuka with the cherry flowers "Sakura".

And the American Navy is stationed in Yokosuka.

The bridge from Yokohama, a connection between 2 islands.

A lid in one of the streets we road our bicycles on, of the village Hayama near the sea, where you can sail and see beautiful flowers and birds.


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