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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This will be my last blog before I return to the US for 3 weeks.

The roofs in Japan are spectacular. The tiles are made of clay and quite a couple are glazed blue.

You see a blue glazed tile roof in this picture,
black clay roof and a treasure house in the back. It is a little house made from very thick stone for protection of earthquakes and of treasures during wartime.

A house with a blue glazed roof in the Odawara Soga Plum "Ume" orchard.

A modern style house with a blue roof.

A green glazed roof.

A temple roof with the curled up corners.

A lot of houses also have the original black clay roofs.

View from our balcony on all our neighbor houses. The electric wiring is above the ground.

You hardly see similar looking houses. They are as different as the people. Funny, in a land where everything and everyone is so controlled by the group. Luckily, they have an outlet to express their individualism.

An old tiny house with a plate iron roof.


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