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Sunday, April 22, 2007

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom in the beginning of April in the Tokyo area. It is a beautiful sight!

Cherry blossoms, SAKURA, are the most beloved flowers by the Japanese. They symbolize the transience of life which is meshed well with the teachings of Buddhism, because of their short blooming time and fragility. Also, since cherry trees blossom en masse, they have also been used as a metaphor for clouds.

This is the Dankatsura Main Street in Kamakura, a path adorned on both sides with cherry trees.

Close-up of the "Sakura" flower.

The falling of the blossoms resembles the falling of snow and signifies being blessed in life. So, people sit in groups of family, friends or companies on blue tarps on the ground having a good time with each other with food and of course beer and sake. When the wind blows the little blossom leaves will fall on them.

This is in Ueno Park in Tokyo. So many people coming out to see and enjoy the "Sakura" flower.

A branch heavy from all the flowers.


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