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Sunday, May 13, 2007

I saw some beautiful pottery in some museums and in temples.
Especially, the Suan Pakkad Palace Museum and the Jim Thompson house in Bangkok had some wonderful pieces. But also, often you were not allowed of course to take pictures. So, I got some pictures from catalogues.

This is Banchiang Prehistoric pottery. It is iron oxide painted. They also had beautiful cord marked pots.

This is a prehistoric artifact from China probably from the Sung period.

A beautiful Chinese porcelain tea set with all Kanji signs. H.M.King Rama IV+V were very impressed by their ceramic ware that they even named gardens, canals, gates and roads after ancient Chinese ceramics.

A pentachromatic, 5 color, porcelain bowl, called Bencharong. It was made in China but decorated with Thai designs.

A Bencharong porcelain box I saw in a hotel.

Some other beautiful plate and little box.
I think it is also made in China.


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