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Thursday, May 04, 2006

On Saturday, there was a demonstration of a ceramics artist named Suzuki Tetsu at the Nippon Tougei Club. He is well-known because of his special green glazes; the Oribe glaze and lots of variants of it.
Oribe ware is a high-fired ware that originated around 1600. This ceramic style is named after tea master and warrior Furuta Oribe (1545-1615). General features include a dark green copper glaze, white slip, underglaze brush work, and use of clear glaze.

For me new and interesting was, how he attached the board on the wheel and made the whole in the center by stomping his fist regularly in the middle to make the whole bigger.

Also, his decoration was interesting. He incised with broken of pieces from plywood. He also had some nicely shaped ones.

After that the people who had signed up started to work to make their own plates.


  • At 4:13 PM, Blogger inge said…

    wat een festivals zijn daar zeg.
    je hoeft je zeker niet te vervelen. En hoe kende je nou die LEE LOVE weer.
    Dat Oribe glaze is prachtig. zo op de foto doet het me denken aan het parelmoer van een schelp.
    xxx inge


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