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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

On Saturday, April the 15th, Johan and Joko visited us. It was quite a nice day, but a cold wind was blowing. We had a nice stroll through Kamakura and Adriaan is intrigued by the many beautiful houses and gates.

We walked to the Zeni-arai Benten, coin-washing cavern, that has existed from ancient times. An image of the goddess Benten, encircled by a serpent, is installed within a niche; below the goddess a spring apparently wells out of the solid rock. If coins are washed in this deep pool it is an action of good omen. The cave is almost completely enclosed by rocks from which little waterfalls come down and the rocks are covered with moss and ferns.

One of the shrines of the Zeni-arai Benten.

Moss grown rock with ferns and the pond with the well- known big Japanese
karp fish at the Zeni-arai Benten.

Adriaan washing coins in the cave.

In the evening it started to rain heavily and the wind was howling around our 3rd floor room.


  • At 10:25 AM, Blogger inge said…

    Zo Adriaan, denk je dat het helpt om je geld te wassen??.
    Volgens mij ben je de eerste jaren nog niet uitgekeken met al die prachtige tempels.
    Ga je ook lezen over de betekenissen van al die dingen??
    Als je op de familie blog kijkt zie je ook wat foto's van ons
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxje schoon/zusje


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