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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We returned to Japan on April the 7th. It was good to be back. The weather was nice; the beds arrived ( 1 for us and 1 for the guests); unpacked the suitcases and still arranged and fixed little things in the house like towel racks or side tables.
We just returned in time for the Kamukura festival, held 1x a year, for 2 weekends.

On Saturday there was a parade in the city in the mainstreet.
And of course we went to the beach.

We also still could enjoy the walkway, the Dankatsura, lined with cherry trees approaching the big Tsurugoaka Hachimangu shrine. The cherry, as Japanese see it, is a felicitous symbol but als a reminder of the evanescent beauty of this floating world. Few nations have extracted so much refined pleasure and sadnes from the contemplation of a flower.


I also visted the Kencho-ji Temple with a beautiful dragon painted on the ceiling of the Hatto (Dharma) hall.

Yesterday, I went to the Nippon Tougei club in Harajuku, Tokyo and can start there this Friday. I will start with the making of tea bowls with all the surrounding ceremonies. (Of course!)

Today, I went to the small Kamakura museum and the Kamakurabori museum about the famous, mainly red, lacquer ware. Beautiful and real craftmanship.

A beautiful Japanese entrance of a house


  • At 6:34 AM, Blogger inge said…

    +lieve Swanie,
    wat een prachtige ervaringen doe jij op in dit bijzonder intrigerende land!!!! HEt lijkt wel een reisdokumentaire van de tv zo prachtig ziet het er uit en dat jullie dit nu allemaal in het echt zien!!kersenbloesem, die kleurige kindjes,prachtige bouwwerken enz...
    We zijn benieuwd hoe het je gaat bevallen op de potterie school, gaat dat ook nog in het japans??!!
    succes en "ittekimasu"
    liefs mama en inge

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