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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter morning and I prepared a delicious breakfast with of course some cooked eggs and raisin bread. In the afternoon we went to our friends, Juli and Stuart, where the kids colored eggs and then hid them for eachother in several turns.

It was still raining heavily, but by noon we went out anyway to go watch the "Yabusame", archery on horseback demonstration at the Tsurugoaka Hachimangu shrine and luckily the weather cleared.

The evenement started with a procession of

first the samurai archers, and

the judges with the targets.

The Shogun.

In one run the Samurai had to shoot three targets in a row along a long path.

Preparing his horse to make the run.

There were lots of people, but we were still able to see some nice shots.

The horses ran very fast.

Right on the the target!

It was a wonderful event.


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