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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

We went to a Signature Dinner from Euan Craig at Toyado Restaurant in Nihombashi in Tokyo.
At the same time, he had a ceramics exhibition at the Ebiya antique store across the street.

The chef specially prepared a menu to go with Euan's dinnerware and Euan designed his ware to go with this food. A nice collaboration.

This is Euan's show and dinner invitation.


I can't quite remember which dish came first and the first couple of dishes I forgot to photograph, but the dishes were beautiful and the food was marvelous.

The main dish with the pot as plate upside down.

He fires his ware only one time in an wood/soda kiln. The lines on his dishes are a kind of rice stalks.

If you want to know more about Euan, look on his website: http://www.d1.dion.ne.jp/~euan/
and on some former blogs of 7/11/06, when I had my visiting workshop in Mashiko and 2/26/07, when Euan gave a workshop in Mashiko.

Here, he turned the dish back up and used it as Soba dish; a Japanese noodle.

The desert in a triangle cut thrown dish.


  • At 10:32 PM, Blogger Euan Craig said…

    No matter how delicious the food or lovely the pots, it would have been nothing without the pleasure of your company. Thankyou for sharing it with me.


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