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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Tomorrow, I leave for Holland, but first I still want to write about and show pictures from the Zaimokuza beach in Kamakura at the Sagami Bay. There are passes under the road in front of our house and it just takes 1 minute to walk to the beach.

Here standing on the beach you can see our house with the high wooden balcony. We live in the front part of the house.

Fishing boats go out every morning to catch some fish.

The nets hang out to dry.

Windsurfers come out when there is a lot of wind. And they fly over the water.

The surf boarders also love the waves. And there are plenty of both of them.

And then of course I find my thing: pottery shards. Some nice little pieces and watch out that you don't cut yourself when you stroll on the beach.


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