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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

We also visited Kamiya Shouichi.
He lives also in Mashiko and is a 5 minute
walk away from Furiki-san, the tougei place we stayed at.
He is a former apprentice "deshi" of Shimaoka and worked with David McDonald.

Shimaoko had told him, when he was going to build his own kiln, to find a place where was a clay deposit. It was across from his house and workshop.
He showed us the place.

Here clay is dug out and is drying.

After processing it, it is put in plaster molds and dried to a wedging state.

His ware from the gas kiln is very distinctive and beautiful. I bought a small cup "guinomi" from his showroom.

He fires his wood fire combination anagama-noborigama once a year. His forms are very playful.


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