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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Other potters we visited are Baba Yochiko, Euan Craig and Douglas Black.

Yochiko-san works in her studio by herself.
She was an apprentice "deshi" from another quite well-known potter from Mashiko: Takauchi Shugo.

Her work is beautiful: white slip with on top an elegant free design.

She also makes "Oribe" ware with this special green glaze.
Oribe ware is a high-fired ware that originated around 1600. This ceramic style is named after tea master and warrior Furuta Oribe (1545-1615). General features include a dark green copper glaze, white slip, underglaze brush work, and use of clear glaze.

Euan Craig comes from Australia and was an apprentice for Shimaoka for quite some years, before establishing his own kiln in Mashiko.

Now, he lives in Ichikai, in the country. We had a beautiful drive to his house, where he lives with his family and offered us a cafe latte!!!
He has developed a variety of innovations, currently concentrating on creating wood fired porcelaineous stoneware with natural ash glazing. The brightness of his fired finish and above all his concentration on ceramics for food, his stance in pursuit of the beauty of function, is superb.

He showed us how he trimmed and used his chattering tool for his distinguished marks on his ceramic wares.


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