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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

One morning, we bought a "bento box" lunch and drove to the Saimyoji temple, way up a hill.

Hank, Lee, Jim and Craig.

Saimyoji Temple, also known Tokka-san Fumin-in, is a temple of the Busan Shingon School. Its main revered figure is the Eleven-Faced Kanon Bosatsu who achieved perfect freedom from egoism to arouse great compassion.
It was built in the 9th year of the Tempyo Era (A.D.737) by the great priest Gyoki Bosatsu with the backing Ki Arimaro, (Ki being the old surname of the Mashiko family).
It was dedicated in 739. At its height of influence in 782 it had twelve places of residence for monks.
In 1127, all the buildings were destroyed by fire, rebuilt in 1178, and destroyed again in 1351. The main hall was rebuilt in 1394 and restored in 1701.

In 1714, the hall, which houses
the "Laughing Emma" (Emma-do) and carved out of wood,
was built. (8 feet tall).

You will meet this guy in hell.
(6 feet tall). Also, carved out of wood.

Some praying monk statues
in a small hall.


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