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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Finally, I'm back to do some writing.

I had some nice days in Singapore, went to the Ancient Civilization Museum, which had beautiful pieces of art displayed. How exquisite some pieces are and so fine and precise; so much time put in. Life is far more hectic nowadays. It is difficult to have the time and patience to make such pieces.

We had some nice celebrations and family time in Holland, which was beautiful to drive through.

Then, I went to Mashiko for a week, where Lee Love had organized a gathering of potters, who do mostly wood firings, to visit potters in Mashiko and around.
David McDonald, who lives and has his workshop in Arizona, has been an apprentice, "deshi", for 2 years for Shimaoka Tatsutzo 27 years ago, as well as Lee Love, who was a deshi for him in 2000 for 3 years and lives and has his workshop and anagama in Mashiko. Mike Martino lives in the South of Japan and does "Karatsu" ware. Hank Murrow did a workshop with Hamada Shoji for a month in Los Angeles 40 years ago, does "Shino" ware and he brought his friend, Jim Laub, a constructor and also a potter. They live in Oregon. Craig Edwards comes from Minnesota and throws 4-5 feet high vases and fires them in a woodfire snake anagama.

We stayed at Furiki-san's "Mashiko Pottery Club International Ltd., Co." He has a facility with 32 electric wheels and all kind of kilns.

His wood fire kilns.

A couple of his
"denki rokuro".

There is a ryokan next door, where we stayed and cooked our own meals. A wonderful facility with very generous people helping us with everything.

The ryokan.


  • At 2:33 AM, Blogger linda haibara said…

    Dear Swanica, I found your wonderful account of your trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thankyou so much for sharing the photos and your great explanations of people, history, etc. Myself and family just returned from a three week trip to Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia. While in Japan we visited one day in Mashiko. I called Lee Love and he generously described the best places to go since we were there only for the day. Toured the Reference Museum and visited with an indigo dye master artist. We peeked as Hamadas son and grandson were busy at work in their shop. I do hope you'll continue to share pics and accounts of your interesting travels. Best regards, linda haibara


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