Swanica explores Japan

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Back in the US, I prepared for the Holiday Show at the Gallery House in Palo Alto,
This is my cubby, storage space at the gallery with my new work.

Red wavy Chalice,
6" x 2"

Horsehair 5 Petal Vase,
7" x 12"

Horsehair Platter Bowl, 18" x 3"

Red Triangle Vase,
4" x 8"

Red 7 fold Platter, 14" x 2"

Horsehair 3 legged Platter,
10" x 3"

Showing some Horsehair Pieces in a case at the Nippon Tougei Club in Tokyo.

The Ceramic Award Tile made from Mashiko clay with the well known Persimmon- Kaki- glaze presented to me at the Award Ceremony.